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Hello There! And Welcome To A Thousand Years! We are a future Post-Potter Roleplay, in which Hogwarts now accepts Vampires, and Werewolves with the Wizards as students.
Character Switch

MAY , 2040
MAY.4.2013 - I am looking for staff! ATY is open!


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 Lena Izabel Ridley

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Lena Ridley
International Magical Cooperation
International Magical Cooperation
Lena Ridley

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PostSubject: Lena Izabel Ridley   Lena Izabel Ridley Icon_minitimeTue May 07, 2013 7:29 pm

Lena Izabel Ridley Db95y
Lena Izabel Ridley Img url of character here
Lena Izabel Ridley

Height: 5.12
Weight: 145lbs
Hair Color: Brown with a little gray
Eye Color:Brown

Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Personality: Lena is very wonderful lady who has always had friends in school then she also loves helping.
Likes: Children, Helping , Family
Dislikes: Dark, Evil, and Hate
Secrets: Loves to play sports


Mother: Destiny Elise Warkes ( nee Losman ) /69/ ( Retired Professor) Alive
Father: Simon Ross Warkes /70/ ( Retired Duelist) Alive
Brother(s): Evan Connor Warkes /43/ ( Auror ) Alive
Sister(s): Emily Helena Rockesly (nee Warkes ) /34/ ( Duelist) Alive
Other Important Family Member(s): Elliot Simon Ridley /14/ ( Student ) Alive, Theo Henry Ridley /12/ ( Student ) Alive, Ebony Rose Ridley /8/ Alive
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Vincent Eric Ridley /36/ ( Auror ) Alive
Lena grew up in Scotland to two very caring parents who had great jobs. Then when Lena was 11 she was sent to Hogwarts and made Ravenclaw and she had a great job after. When she finshed Hogwarts she went to the Minstry to work. Then became Department of Mysterious worker. Then she became a mother then her two boys went to Hogwarts. Soon she became head of the department.


Mean <10> Nice
Loud <8> Quiet
Talkative <8> Shy
Open <5> Closed
Listener <3> Arrogant
Good Person <1> Bad Person
Shining Star <1> Party Pooper
Honest <1> Liar
Respectful <1> Careless
Together <1> Unorganized


Dueling <6>
Potions <8>
Literature & English <10>
Algebra <10>
Muggle History <10>
History of Magic <10>
Apparition <10>
Divination <10>
Anatomy <10>
Astronomy <10>
Heatlh & Fitness <3>
Battle & Weapons <1>
World Language <10>
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Zachary Preston
Headmaster of Hogwarts
Headmaster of Hogwarts
Zachary Preston

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PostSubject: Re: Lena Izabel Ridley   Lena Izabel Ridley Icon_minitimeWed May 08, 2013 7:59 am

Welcome to the Ministry of Magic!
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Lena Izabel Ridley
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