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Hello There! And Welcome To A Thousand Years! We are a future Post-Potter Roleplay, in which Hogwarts now accepts Vampires, and Werewolves with the Wizards as students.
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MAY , 2040
MAY.4.2013 - I am looking for staff! ATY is open!


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 Moon's Companion

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PostSubject: Moon's Companion    Moon's Companion  Icon_minitimeMon May 20, 2013 7:40 pm

Moon's Companion  Moonscopy_zpsdfac6304

Be Fearless and enter Moon's Companion

~Our site is PG-13~

A place for those that don't just dwell in the sunlight but also in the
Moon light, those that keep the Moon company at night. Tōḷa bē, which
means Wolf Bay is a fantasy based site ruled by many races and home to
many more. The time-line is set in 2017, 5 years after the world ended.
Here we have a mixture of role-players spanning from new players who
just started role-playing to role-players that have been playing for
more than 10 years! If you need help feel free to ask the staff, we will
be happy to help, and we are all very nice. Moon's Companion is made of
players who wanted a drama free site to play one without having to hide
who you really are, here we don't judge. We all just want to jump into
the adventure. So, come play on Moon's Companion where time stands still
and the adventure never ends!

Tōḷa bē World Plot

Everything was fine in the kingdoms for years and years but on the
night of December 21st 2012, when everyone was fast asleep, a very dark
and powerful magic plagued the kingdoms wiping out most of the people
The ones that survived where not unharmed, technology in the world
stopped working leaving the people who got up in the morning to panic.
Most moved away the rest died in war. The kingdoms lied in ruins for
years. Not too long after that day a new setting of people happened by
and fixed it up. Now 5 years later in the year of 2017 the town is back
in working order and the dark magic is weakening with every passing
minute, so technology is coming back into use but all is working yet.
Not knowing what the world was called before the magic, the new people
call this new world Tōḷa bē.

We have:

*Fun active members
*Very nice and active staff
*Always changing subplots
*Creative Freedom on what race(s) you want to play
*An Adventure that never ends
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Moon's Companion
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